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2018 County Show Entry Forms

Equine schedule and entry form now available

Equine Showing

This show is affiliated to Equifest, (Ring 1 classes 1, 3, 6, 8 & 12 + Ring 2 classes 13-18 & 20-25) taking place at the East of England Showground on 8th – 12th August 2018. The two highest exhibits not already qualified in each affiliated class will qualify.

Showing Schedule

Showing entry form

Outdoor Trade Space

We welcome applications from traders of all sizes. The majority of our trade space is 'open' - ie, we only have a limited number of covered spaces available.  

2018 Trade Space Application (all sizes, outdoor space only)

Catering Concession

The RIWCS celebrates the very best of the Isle of Wight, including our food providers. We will be looking for a variety of catering concessions to suit different tastes and budgets. We particularly welcome applications from Wight Marque members who use certified Isle of Wight produce.

2018 Catering Concession Application Form

Food Pavilion

The Food Pavilion, sponsored by Southern Co-op, celebrates the best of local Isle of Wight food. 

2018 Food Pavilion Application Form

Garden and Outdoor Living 

The Garden & Outdoor Living Area, sponsored by Jewsons, was a new and popular addition to last year's Show. This area focuses on traders and exhibitors who help you make the most out of your great outdoors - whether it is the space around your house, or the countryside beyond. 

2018 Garden and Outdoor Living Trade Stand Application

Showcase your garden and landscaping skills by exhibiting a Show Garden. This year's theme is 'The Wild Child Garden' and we are asking exhibitors to create a garden for a young family who love the outdoors and wildlife. Exhibitors are not charged for their Show Garden space and Area Sponsors Jewsons support exhibitors by providing landscaping materials. Please contact the office for more information.

2018 Show Garden Application

Island Arts Area

Building on the success of their debut last year, this marquee shows off the best Island artists. This year's theme is 'Get Arty'.

Island Arts Area Application

Makers' Market

In partnership with I Love Wight, the Makers' Market is an exclusive marquee for high quality handcrafted goods from Island artisans. If you would like to apply for this area, please contact Tamara with details about your business and some photos, or visit them on Facebook


Pig Class List

Pig Entry Form


Poultry Schedule

Poultry Entry Form

Poultry Sale Form

Poultry Participant Declaration Form


Livestock schedule

Livestock entry form

Fun Dog Show

Fun Dog Show Classes List


Show Jumping

Showjumping schedule

Showjumping entry form

Upcoming Events


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